Michael Angelides President (Greece)
Michael Angelides President (Greece)

Michael Angelides is the Managing Director of AMTE Consulting Engineers, based in Athens, Greece. AMTE carries out structural and architectural design work for building and infrastructure projects, with particular specialization in energy and industrial applications. Michael was born in Athens in 1961 and is married to Marika. They have two grown children, Melina and Socrates.

In 1980, Michael left the National Technical University of Athens and went to Canada, where he graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, and a specialization in finite element analysis. His first professional experience was in research work in the field of orthopedic biomechanics at McGill and the Montreal General Hospital. He then worked shortly in the aerospace industry at Spar Aerospace in Montreal (today EMS) in the structural design of telecommunication satellites.

Michael returned to Greece in 1989 and joined AMTE as a structural engineer. Since then, he has been involved in the structural design of major industrial projects in Greece, such as cement plants, power plants, LNG installations, refineries and bulk material handling plants, as well as in designs of major building projects, such as the New Athens International Airport. In 1993, Michael became Managing Director of AMTE and the company has now expanded its activities into the international market, with particular emphasis in specialized industrial structures, such as chimneys, cooling towers, silos, tanks and ducts. Over the years, AMTE has developed significant expertise in earthquake resistant engineering and in the seismic upgrading of existing buildings and structures through strengthening or seismic damping. Based on accumulated technical experience and know-how, numerous structures have been reinforced, of which many have been successfully tested by recent strong earthquakes.

During a chimney design project in Greece, Michael met Giovanni DiPoi who introduced him to CICIND and convinced him of the benefits of joining this organization. Michael attended his first CICIND meeting in Copenhagen in 1994 and has since been involved actively with CICIND, having also hosted two meetings: Santorini 1996 and Athens 2007.

Steven Reid Vice President (US)
Steven Reid Vice President (US)

Steven is a US citizen born in Alabama and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, Karin. Steven has three children; Lauren is a kindergarten teacher, Kevin is a registered nurse, and Amanda and Meagan are in college. Steven graduated from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with his bachelor of engineering degree in 1979 in applied mechanics and machine design. He studied at the masters’ level in business administration from 1979 until 1982. He has a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Wisconsin. Steven is a part time instructor for the Department of Engineering Professional Development at the University of Wisconsin. Steven is an avid golfer and also enjoys playing guitar and woodworking.

Steven began his career as an application engineer designing air pollution control products such as dust collectors, fabric filters, fans and scrubbers. He was later engineering manager and president of another company for twenty years where he began designing chimneys and ductwork. During this time he led the development of their tuned mass damper technology under the tutelage of Dr. Gerhard Hirsch.

Steven has been a registered professional engineer since 1982 and is licensed in numerous US states and Puerto Rico. He helped author the American Society of Civil Engineers Fiberglass Chimney Manual and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Steel Stack Standard, STS-1. He was recently awarded ASME’s Twenty Five Year Certificate of Recognition.

In 2001, Steven and his brother Charles Reid formed Industrial Environmental Systems (IES) who devote much of its time to the design and construction of steel chimneys. They also do a significant amount of work with silencers, scrubbers, storage silos and steel structures. Recently IES has ventured out of the industrial supply sector and into the utility power sector by designing massive ductwork systems and GRP chimney liners. IES uses advanced structural and flow modeling software to achieve precise solutions.

Steven joined CICIND following the 1990 meeting in Barcelona, Spain. He has written and presented several technical papers including most recently papers on wind actions and acoustical silencing. Steven is currently chairman of the CICIND GRP Liner Committee.

Hermann Hoffmeister Secretary (Germany)
Hermann Hoffmeister Secretary (Germany)

Hermann Hoffmeister is the Chimney Director of BEROA with its main office in Ratingen, Germany and Chimney Business Leader of the BEROA Technology Group. He was born in Germany in 1952 and is married to Eva. They have two sons, Julian and Klaus
Hermann graduated in Civil Engineering at the Technical University in Berlin and started his professional life in 1981 in the central engineering office of Babcock Bau GmbH as civil engineer for structural analysis. After 5 years he became team leader. In 1994 he joined KARRENA as a Project Manager for national and international chimney activities and became Technical Director of the Chimney Department. In 2003 he became Director of KARRENA’s Chimney Division.

Since many years he has been engaged in different committees of the German Society for Refractories and Chimneys and has given lessons for construction managers of the German Construction Industry. Actually he is writing a Technical Qualification Manual with other chimney experts.

Hermann’s interest in CICIND grew with the discussions among the international engineers during his first CICIND meeting in Amsterdam in 2003. He showed an ongoing engagement by presenting several papers on chimney construction.
He was elected to the Governing Body in 2007 at the meeting in Athens.

Andreas Harling Member (Germany)
Andreas Harling Member (Germany)

The German Governing Body member Andreas Harling was born in April1971.
Since 1996 in is employed in the company Exponent first as Project Engineer and later as Principal Engineer. Since 2000 he is the head of antenna mast group in Exponent. Since 2013 Andreas Harling is Office Director of Exponent.
Andreas Harling is specialized in structural engineering with an emphasis on failure investigations and maintenance activities (inspection, acceptance) of antenna masts since 1995. His experience includes investigations related to the flaws and failures of all kinds of antenna masts, in detail concrete towers (large TV-towers / radio towers), prestressed centrifugally concrete masts, steel masts (lattice and tube).
He is also an expert for the special requirements of the extension of existing tower structures (chimneys, wind power stations) with antennas. His background is based on numerous statically calculations, design reviews and assessment of structural behaviour of tower structures using nonlinear static and dynamic analysis techniques. In 2016 he received his PhD in Civil Construction with a thesis about:
„Design of centrifugally concrete masts Close to reality limitation of
cracking and deformation”
at the Technical University of Dortmund, Germany. Since 2009 he is also state registered expert for masts and towers (public appointed and sworn by the “Ingenieurkammer Bau NRW”, Chamber of Building Engineers in North-Rhine Westphalia, March 2009).

Albert De Kreij Member (Netherlands)
Albert De Kreij Member (Netherlands)

Albert de Kreij was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on 15 August 1964. He studied Business Economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and following his graduation in 1989, he joined family company Hadek Protective Systems BV. In the years after 1989, Hadek started to specialize in the internal protection of power station flue gas ducts and chimneys and in 1992, Hadek started to introduce the Pennguard Block Lining System to its customers in this field.

Albert de Kreij is now Sales Director at Hadek and in this function, he is responsible for the research and development, the marketing work and the sales work surrounding the Pennguard technology. He has worked together with experts from the chimney industry to develop new, cost effective chimney designs and he has also been very active studies on wet stacks, and the effects of technical designs on wet stack behavior. Albert is also frequently involved with practical questions concerning the application of Hadek's products on projects around the world.

Albert has been a frequent presenter to CICIND meetings, attending nearly all CICIND meetings since the spring 1998 meeting in Bruges. Most of his presentations to CICIND were made in cooperation with established chimney builders or design experts, and these presentations covered subjects such as chimney design options, chimney (flue) erection methods, wet stack operation, modification of existing chimneys and fire safety.

Albert and his partner Catherine live in Rotterdam. They have one daughter, Poppy (5) and Catherine has three sons from her first marriage; Stan (17), Charles (15) and Elliot (14).

As a CICIND Governing Body Councilor, Albert wants to contribute to finding new areas of research and discussion within CICIND, to ensure that the organization continues to appeal to owners, builders and other parties as a source of knowledge for chimneys.

Darren Smith Member (GB)
Darren Smith Member (GB)

I am the Business Development Director for Zenith Structural Access Solutions Limited and I am responsible for promoting the Company worldwide. I have a Master Degree in Business Administration from Keele University in England. I am married to Alison and have a daughter, Kate, who is a barrister in London. I attended my first CICIND meeting in Prague in 1995 and became a member of CICIND in 2006. Over the years I have had the privilege of presenting many technical papers at CICIND meetings. Our latest technical paper was presented at the Spring 2013 meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the Rio conference, I was delighted to have been invited to serve on the Governing Body of CICIND.

As the world economy continues to undergo dramatic changes, it presents chimney companies with new challenges. At Zenith, we have endeavoured to innovate and adapt to new market places and opportunities. Using our core competencies and whilst consolidating our presence in our traditional markets, we have expanded our field of operation to incorporate offshore platforms, conservation works and traditional scaffolding, all supported by our in-house structural engineering design capability.

CICIND continues to help Zenith to keep abreast with developments in the industry and I am looking forward to the next few years as a member of the Governing Body and hope to contribute to continuing CICIND’s undoubted success.

Klaus Kaemmer
Klaus Kaemmer

Klaus, born in 1940, is a German citizen. He studied mathematics and physics at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz and after his diploma he earned a doctorate in applied mathematics. In the period of his university activities as assistant professor he worked as a freelancer for KARRENA by writing computer programs for research in the chimney field such as earthquake response of chimneys, draught and pressure in the flue gas ducts and programs for other essential chimney design criteria.

In 1972 he joined KARRENA as a full-time employee where he worked closely together with Dr. Bottenbruch, the first President of CICIND. He joined CICIND already in 1976 at the occasion of the 2nd Edinborough Meeting where he presented a paper. Further papers were presented at the CICIND Conferences in Munich and Brighton. After completion of the well-known computer program CICERO (Computer Integrated Chimney Programs) he was responsible for sales and construction of chimneys, first in overseas and later on worldwide.

Among other projects, he was involved in the major KARRENA highlights such as the 360 m chimney in former Yugoslavia and the 343 m chimney in Spain. The six 275 m high chimneys each with three flues (diameter of each flue approx. 7,5 m) for power stations in South Africa, a total of nine chimneys in Saudi-Arabia and many chimneys in Africa and Europe for power stations, for the petrochemical and other industries were the fields of his activities. In all cases he was responsible for all activities in conjunction with the execution of the contracts and the construction work.

In 1994 he overtook the responsibility for the major refractory division of KARRENA which gave him an additional experience in the relevant industries. He was in the board of the German Association for Refractories and Chimneys and was active in several committees including the organisation of congresses.

Since October 2003 Klaus retired step by step from his business activities in KARRENA and was appointed from 1st of May 2004 as the Secretary of CICIND.