Committees and the Structure of CICIND

Legally CICIND is an Association. It is administered by the “Governing Body”. This body decides all items of organizational, administrative or commercial issues.
The technical or scientific work is handled by CICIND’s “Technical Committees”. They are responsible for the publication of CICIND’s Model Codes, Manuals or other publications of non-administrative character.


The Governing Body is the operative and administrative committee of the Association. 
The Governing Body consists of:

President Michael Angelides
Vice President Steven Reid
Councillors Albert De Kreij, Andreas Harling, Reinhard Harte, Hermann Hoffmeister, Denis Radecki, Darren Smith
Secretary Hermann Hoffmeister


CONCRETE CHIMNEYS - Chairman – G. Eastman
M. Angelides, J. Davenport, P. Noakowski, J. Turner, J. Wilson

STEEL CHIMNEYS and STEEL LINERS - Chairman – Bo Moeller-Jacobsen
J. Turner, C. Verwiebe

WIND - Chairman – J. Niemann
C. Goddard, S.O. Hansen, S. Reid, H.Ruscheweyh, G. Verboom

GRP LINERS / CHIMNEYS - Chairman - S. Reid
H. Hoffmeister, B. Jezek, G. Oudin

SEALS - Chairman - J. Turner

MAINTENANCE - Chairman - J. Turner
M. Atkins, A. Bhomwik

SEISMIC LOADS - Chairman - C. Goddard